Posted: July 14, 2022

How To Choose Your Range Hood For Kitchen?

How To Choose Your Range Hood For Kitchen?

Selecting out of many is always confusing and selecting a perfect out of available options is more difficult and confusing. To sort out your dilemma of which custom wood hood is perfect for my kitchen? Here is the list of points that need to be kept in mind while choosing your custom wood range hoods.

Custom Wood Hoods Curved with Brass Strapping and Buttons

First, let’s understand what is the purpose of installing custom wood hoods in the kitchen. A kitchen is a place where cooking is done and in this cooking process, lots of grease, smoke, steam, vapor, heat, and odor gets emitted that creates an unpleasant smell and unwanted heat and smoke in the kitchen. Custom wood hoods are installed in the kitchen to vent and exhaust smoke, heat, and odor out of the kitchen to keep the kitchen space clean, pleasant, and hygienic.

There are several types of range hoods available but selecting the one best suitable for you is important. So, here is a brief guideline for you to choose a perfect custom wood hood range for your kitchen. Consider these points while buying a custom wood hood for your kitchen that will help you in selecting a perfect custom wood vent hood for your kitchen.

Size Do Matter

While choosing first of all you need to consider the size of the custom wood hood you will be needed. An oversized or undersized custom wood vent hood will surely not give you a desirable look as well as desirable performance.

The size of the custom wood range hood should be decided depending upon the size of the gas stove as well as your cooking procedure. If you are going to use the gas stove frequently and cook the food that will emit smoke, steam, heat, grease to a large extent you should choose a big-sized hood that can easily exhaust all the unwanted particles.

Also, you need to choose your custom wood range hood depending upon the size of your kitchen. The size of the range hood should suit the size of the kitchen and an oversized custom wood hood in a small-sized kitchen will surely make the kitchen look grim and also create a lack of space in the kitchen.

Angled Range Hood

Colour and Design

Choosing a rightly designed and colored custom wood hood for your kitchen will help in enhancing your kitchen appearance. While choosing the color and design of your custom wood range hood for your kitchen select the color and design that goes in sync with the furniture of your kitchen. It shouldn’t be an isolated color that doesn’t match your kitchen furniture.

Besides this, you should also select the color of your custom wood hood keeping in mind that there is lots of smoke, heat, grease, and steam that is going to hit your custom wood hood. So, keeping it clean and good looking is also important otherwise it will look messy that will not give you a pleasant experience. So, choose a color that gets least affected, and if you want to opt for your favorite color that may get easily affected by these particles then ensure to keep it clean and clear.

Strength And Noise

The strength and power of the custom wood hood are measured in CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute). It’s vital to consider it while selecting a custom wood range hood for your kitchen. The exhaust capacity of the hood is measured by CFM. The more powerful the CFM, the more powerful your custom wood hood is. If you cook a portion of food that emits lots of smoke, heat, and odor then range hood with high-CFM is best suitable for you.

If you are sensitive to machine noise then you should choose a quitter range hood for your kitchen. So, while selecting your custom wood hood for the kitchen check the frequency of noise it creates. The sound range of the kitchen hood is measured in sones. The range of noise depends upon the power of CFM, hood with powerful CFM will create more noise than a range hood with less CFM.

The noise that your custom wood hood will create is out of single or dual blowers and other noise you will experience will be from kitchen air moving into the hood and duct.

If you want a quieter kitchen environment, consider a remote blower instead of a local blower, which is installed within your ductwork, further away from your range hood.

Ducted Or Ductless Vent

Ducted vents are difficult to install but most efficient. In a ducted vent, the air vented outside the kitchen through ductwork. The duct needs to be straight and short for more efficiency. This is the best option to filter the grease, smoke, steam, and odor out of your kitchen.

A ductless vent is also known as a recirculating vent hood is best suitable if you are living in an apartment. You can opt for this option if you cannot duct your hood outside. This is the best option if you don’t have access to the ceiling or permission to install custom ductwork that vents outside. In ductless vent air filtered through a charcoal filter and fresh clean filtered gets recirculated back in the kitchen.