Wood Hoods

Experience the “custom feel” from our wood range hoods without the custom price.  Our hoods are fabricated in the US and shipped directly to your home.  Bringing cost savings and classic styling to the kitchen of your dreams.

Curved Wood Hoods

Curved With Strapping

Curved With Steel Strapping

Curved With Brass Strapping

Curved With Brass Buttons

Curved With Brass Apron

Arched Apron

Bell With Strapping

Bell Without Strapping

Curved With Corbels

Box Range Hoods

Box Straight With Shiplap

Box Shiplap With Walnut Band

Box Straight

Box With Trim

Tapered Range Hoods

Tapered With Brass Strapping

Tapered With Reclaimed Wood

Tapered With Shiplap

Tapered Steel Strapping

Tapered With Strapping

Tapered Without Trim

Sloped Range Hoods

Sloped With Brass Strapping

Sloped With Strapping

Sloped With Steel Strapping

Sloped Without Trim

Angled Range Hoods

Angled With Walnut Band

Angled With Strapping

Angled Without Trim

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