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Box Without Trim

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One of our newest product launches represents the most recent trend in wood hoods, with a Trimless, timeless, box style hood. This hood style utilizes a two-piece construction, with the back panel being mounted onto the wall and the chimney/apron portion being hung using a cleat system. This installation method allows the ventilation to be inspected where necessary. The Trimless hood type is true to size, for example, a 36” hood will be exactly 36” in width.

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Navy Range Hoods

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Hoodsly’s wood range hoods come in an array of designs and colors to match your kitchen perfectly. Get your wood range hood in raw, primed/paint ready, or stained/painted. Choose one of our trending colors or match your kitchen with a custom color choice. Designed to be both elegant and effective, each wood range hood was built with our Proprietary Two-Piece Construction for easy installation, allowing for simple cleaning and easy access to fan and ducting.

Our hoods are made from cabinet-grade plywood with a white maple veneer.

IMPORTANT STAIN INFORMATION: Hoodsly is not responsible for improper staining or painting techniques used to finish a raw hood. We strongly suggest spraying a professional-grade, pre-catalyzed lacquer, from brands such as Gemini, Mohawk, ML Campbell, and Acroma Pro. Wiping Stains, such as Minwax, are not recommended and we highly suggest using a professional product and method. Wiping stains can cause inconsistent staining during the application of the stain. Wood filler, pin nails, knots, mineralization, and multi-dimensional graining are commonly used in our build methods and are not considered defects.

Hood liners and blowers are sold separately and in many cases will ship separately from the wood hood.