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Size & Ventilation?

The hood and ventilation unit are sold separately. We offer a wide variety of ventilation at each hood size, which will automatically populate based on the size you select. We suggest a hood height of 30” – 36” from the cooktop, however, some ventilation systems allow for lower than 30. Please review your local building code prior to making your selections.


Crown molding is used to reach the ceiling after installation. Without molding at the top of the hood, there will be a gap between the ceiling and the hood upon completion of the installation. Our crown molding is 3” in width and is installed to cover the gap. If installed in our facility, there will remain a gap between the crown molding and the ceiling.

Size Modifications

This can be specific to just VAH and not interrupt the TradeWinds Or Zline

For 8’ ceilings, 30” hood height is recommended, for 9’ ceilings, 36” – 42” hood height is recommended, for 10’ ceilings, 48” hood height is recommended. Please consult your local residential housing code requirements prior to purchasing.

Our normal lead time is approximately 20-24 business days. With rush manufacturing we will build your hood in 15 business days.


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Our newest product launch represents the most recent trend in wood hoods, with a trimless, timeless, angled style hood. This hood style utilizes a two-piece construction, with the back panel being mounted onto the wall and the chimney / apron portion being hung using a cleat system. This installation method allows the ventilation to be inspected where necessary. The trimless hood type is true to size. A 36″, for example, will be exactly 36″ in width.

All Wholesale Wood Hoods Wood Range Hoods can be trimmed up to 6″ for the perfect fit and are made from cabinet grade plywood with a white maple veneer. For the trimless models, standard installation practice will leave a 1″ gap between the ceiling and the hood. To cover this gap, we recommend utilizing crown molding.

IMPORTANT STAIN INFORMATION: This style of hood is not able to be stained. Due to the construction methods used to produce these hoods, we will not be able to offer raw hoods nor any stain options. This hood style must be painted.

Recommended for use Tradewind hood liners, which will be pre-installed into the hood for simplicity of installation. If you are intending to use different ventilation, we suggest verifying your model number with our team prior to purchase. The mounting of the ventilation will be different with this model than our standard two-piece construction.


American Walnut, Antique White, Black, Blue, Gray, Light Gray, Primed/Paint Ready, Raw, White, Custom Color Match


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