Monthly Kitchen Photo Contest

Show Off Your Kitchen For A Chance To Win

$250 Visa Giftcard

We invite you to share the story behind your kitchen journey. Whether it was a facelift or full-scale renovation, we want to hear the funny stories, the hurdles you cleared, why you chose your Hoodsly range hood, or what you wish you had/hadn’t done. Every kitchen is special, and we can’t wait to share yours.

Improve Your Chances of Winning

We would love to see how your new wood hood looks inside your kitchen! Send us a photo or video of your new install and let us know how your experience with Hoodsly has been. Read the points below for a better chance at winning.

Shoot a Video

Make your kitchen come alive with a short 5-second video!


Quality is everything! Send in a high resolution photo with plenty of lighting during the day so we can see your hood in all of its glory!

Free of Obstacles

We want to see clean images of your hood, in a nice setting, free of obstacles blocking it.